Hydrofoiling History

2006 Award Ballot

For the 3rd year, USHA is proud to present awards to honor the finest athletes, representatives, and teams in the sport of hydrofoiling. This year, 5 awards will be given out for the following categories. For more information and rules, click here.

Male Athlete of the Year
A male winner will be recognized each year for his outstanding athletic achievement, and his work as an ambassador for the sport of hydrofoiling.

Female Athlete of the Year
A female winner will be recognized each year for her outstanding athletic achievement, and her work as an ambassador for the sport of hydrofoiling.

Junior Athlete of the Year
This has been updated for 2006! Any junior athlete 17 years of age or younger on January 1 will be recognized each year. The award is for outstanding athletic achievement and work as an ambassador for the sport of hydrofoiling.

Ambassador of the Year
A winner will be recognized each year for their dedication and contributions as a representative, coach, or judge for the sport of hydrofoiling.

Hydrofoil Club/Team of the Year
A team will be recognized each year for their contributions as representatives for the sport of hydrofoiling. The term "team" in this category refers to a group of individuals (with at least 2 members) registered as a USA-WS club with the club type of "Hydrofoil".

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Male Athlete of the Year Statements

Geno YauchlerNo candidate statement available.

Jake BradleyMy accomplishments for 2006 were; finishing runner-up to the 'Miracle Man' Geno at his event in Cypress Gardens, not getting hurt, not gaining too much weight, hitting some dubs, keeping a steady job, and getting to test new equipment.

Kevin ThayerThat's tough. This year I've done what I've done the last 10 years. I've passed on my love of the sport. I meet new foilers all the time. I pass on my knowledge coaching giving riding tips. I just feel fortunate that people like to watch me ride. It's opened a lot of doors for me. I've meet people from all walks of life. The reward for me has been the people I've meet and the places i have seen. Wouldn't trade for anything!

Ray BrantleyNo candidate statement available.

Todd KyserNo candidate statement available.

Female Athlete of the Year Statements

Amy DeveningThis past summer I concentrated on learning to jump before I flip and have landed my first wake back roll and legit air back rolls.  I attended a few fly-ins and taught new people to foil and I also helped write a “Learn to Hydrofoil” pamphlet for the USHA.

Lisa WoodmanAlthough nothing I have done could compare to what this sport has given me, I have tried to give back through promotion and recognition of the sport through Team Hydrofoil, becoming a Safety Coordinator, assisting with the GA Mountain Flyin and never missing an opportunity to recruit a newbie!

MJ PohlI have to say that I’m most proud of qualifying for the Cypress Gardens tournament this year.  Also, I’ve had the opportunity to judge for two competitions, coordinate clinics in Minnesota , work with the USHA board and the competition committee.  I really liked being involved in this sport!

Junior Athlete of the Year Statements

Allie PohlIn the winter, I rode my ski in the living room and learned to hang on to the rope.  Then in the summer, I worked hard to learn to ski behind the boat.  I did it finally and went about 10-15 feet on my kiddie ski.  I’m only 2 years old, but I love watching my parents ski and it’s fun to ski all by myself.

Dominic SchumacherI learned to add style to my jumps.  I can do the Dominator, put a hand behind my head, and blow a kiss on all of my wake jumps and air jumps.  I can do the macarena while riding, and I'm working on dismount gainners at the wake.

Ambassador of the Year Nomination Statements

Brad ScottWhile I am honored to be nominated once again, I truly believe Geno Yauchler deserves the award this year for all the work and successful results of the SportsStuff Chain Reaction Tournament at Cypress Gardens . Geno made a pro hydrofoil competition not only a tournament, but an event – involving wakeboarders, Cypress Gardens , USA Water Ski, and the Water Channel, plus many new sponsors.

Geno YauchlerNo candidate statement available.

Geof KohlerI get that biggest kick out of watching someone land their first invert, their first jump or even getting up and riding for the first time.  Thanks for the nomination!

Lance ReinsmaFrom December of 2005 through April 2006, I spent hours raising support and some coordination for the successful Chain Reaction Tournament. Over the summer I did a clinic with help from a boat dealer. Spent only one day at a Flyin this year, but tried to make new friends and meet old ones. Recently I flew out to Arizona to help put together a hydrofoil training video. I am committed to see the sport of hydrofoiling grow however means necessary at my disposal.

Lonnie MarchandI am humbled to have been nominated for Ambassador of the Year.  As an aftermarket manufacturer of hydrofoil products, I'm in the unique position of being able to market the USHA.  I have encouraged numerous customers and friends to join the USHA.  I was involved in starting the USHA and continue to be a staunch supporter.

Team of the Year Nomination Statements

Lake Clinton Hydrofoil Club (Troy Weber IL Flyin):  No candidate statement available.

Posey Lake Hydrofoil Club (Don Hendershot - Great Lakes Flyin)No candidate statement available.

Pro Action Sports (Geno Yauchler - Cypress Gardens Sportstuff Tournament)No candidate statement available.

Rocky Mountain Hydrofoil Club (Andy Jorgensen)No candidate statement available.

Team Texas Hydrofoiling (Todd Kyser - TX Flyin)No candidate statement available.



Guidelines and Rules:
  • Each ballot must have been completed correctly
  • Ballots will not be accepted verbally or by telephone
  • USHA reserves the right to throw out any duplicate ballots, ballots submitted by non-USHA members, and any incorrectly completed or submitted ballots
  • The awards are sponsored by USHA and each winner is awarded a plaque
  • Award plaques will given for each category by December 31, 2006