USHA Video Competition Details

ushaThe US Hydrofoil Association is holding a competition, with entries submitted on video. This allows all members an opportunity to compete against other riders of similar skill levels, but does not require the expenses and hassle of travel. For a copy of the 2011 Video Competition rules see below or download the .

Dates:ONLINE registration must be completed by September 5, 2011. Videos must be uploaded by September 30, 2011. The rides must take place between Feb 1, 2011 and Sept 30, 2011. Videos up to 1GB in size should be submitted via internet download (see below) with the rider clearly identified. .avi, .mpeg (2 or 4) are preferred — the less compression the better. Videos cannot be accepted via YouTube due to requirement of frame counting.

Eligibility of riders residing within U.S.A.: You must be an active member of USHA as of September 5, 2011. You can join as supporting, grassroots, or active. See to join.

Eligibility of riders residing outside U.S.A.: You do not have to be a member of USHA if you live outside the US, but there is an extra $20 fee to enter. All video submissions must be in NTSC format or computer format (.avi, .mpeg, .mp4, .mov).

Additional Video Footage: Please do not include additional video footage (alternate runs or extra footage) with your submission.

Video Submissions: All videos should be submitted via internet using (up to 1GB file size). See screenshot below. Once file has successfully been uploaded, please email the URL drop location, file name, and password (if required for retrieval). The video must remain available for download until Jim acknowledges that he has downloaded it.

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If you are having difficulties uploading videos to the internet and choose to send DVD or Digital Tape, please send to Brad Scott, USHA, 10618 Lake Hill Dr, Clermont, FL 34711. If shipping and you need a phone number, use 352-536-6980. Please clearly identify the riders in each video.

Video: Riders must submit a video of a 140 second free ride (maximum). The video must clearly show the rider who is competing, and must clearly show foil entry and exit points (to judge air). So, video quality counts. The 140 seconds starts with the rider’s first trick, so it is okay to video from startup, etc. The video must be continuous — no edits or starts/stops of the camera. If the rider falls, that counts toward the 140 seconds — hey, you get unlimited attempts at putting together the run, so keep trying until you get it right.

Turnarounds: Because some riders may not be able to do a 140 second straight run, you can turn the boat around at any point – keep the video rolling. The clock suspends 5 seconds after the last trick on the first pass (to allow for setup time between tricks). Example: A rider completes a trick at the 35 second mark of the first pass, then turns around. The rider would have used 40 seconds, with the clock restarting with the initiation of the first trick on the second pass.
You can turn around up to three times, which would give you the equivalent of roughly three 25 second passes and a 30 second pass.

One Entry: Each rider can submit only one entry. Please submit the video with the beginning at the start of the run. Do not submit additional trick video beyond the run itself.
Scoring: The USHA 2011 Video Competition is considered a single round “Free Ride” event. All USHA 2011 division scoring rules for repeats, separate tricks and minimum frame counts apply and can be found here .

Additionally the points and weightings by Division:
Pro – Scoring Point Values & Air Matrix ()
Outlaw – Scoring Point Values & Air Matrix ()
Open – Scoring Point Values & Air Matrix ()
Advanced – Scoring Point Values & Air Matrix ()
Intermediate – Scoring Point Values & Air Matrix ()
Amateur – Scoring Point Values & Air Matrix ()

Boats/equipment: Please use what you normally ride behind – a standard wakeboard or ski inboard is preferred, or the typical inboard/outboard you use. No cabin cruisers please. No Stiffy towers, but an AirSling is acceptable. Ballast must be within legal limits and the limits the boat is designed for. No kicker wakes. Rope length is limited to 100 feet. Standard safe practices must be followed. Speed is limited to 30 mph. If you plan on riding at 30 mph, please make sure your gauges are calibrated with a GPS.

Kicker wakes: No kicker wakes please. We do not use them in our other competitions.

Cheating: If it doesn’t show up on the video, the judges probably won’t know unless someone tells them. But like golf, we expect people to be honest and abide by the rules. What is the glory of winning dishonestly?

Consent: By entering any competition, you give USHA the rights to use any photos or video as we please.

Cost: $25 per rider submitted via internet download, $30 per rider submitted on CD, DVD or mini-dv or $50 for a family (spouses, children 17 and under).

Prizes: Each division containing 4 or more riders, will receive $70 for 1st place and $30 for 2nd place.

Insurance: Any injuries are your responsibility. USHA is not insuring this competition.