Join USA Water Ski and the United States Hydrofoil Association!

Join USA Water Ski and the United States Hydrofoil Association!What is USHA? The United States Hydrofoil Association (USHA) is the sport’s governing body for hydrofoil skiers and events. USHA is currently a sport division of USA Water Ski, the governing body for organized water skiing within the United States.

What does USA Water Ski do? USA Water Ski sanctions water ski tournaments across the country for competitors of all ages and abilities in each of its sport divisions. USA Water Ski provides guidelines and support for tournament hosts, officials and boat drivers; protects your right to access the nation’s waterways; and provides secondary personal injury insurance coverage to members! USA Water Ski also publishes 9 issues of The Water Skier per year. For a complete profile of USA Water Ski, check out the web site at

What are fly-ins? A fly-in is a fun event for hydrofoilers of all abilities. From 30 to over 100 people gather at a lake and spend 3 to 4 days skiing together. Learn new skills and tricks, meet other hydrofoilers, and watch the pros show off their stuff. The best part is you get to ski as much as you want behind a variety of top quality ski boats. Fly-ins are the best place to improve your skills, no matter what your level of riding. For details and exact dates of Fly-in Events, check out the Events page on

Why should I join USA Waterski for USHA? Because you love hydrofoiling, want to learn more about the sport, or want to support the skiers! USA Water Ski membership benefits include eligibility to attend fly-ins and compete in USA Water Ski sanctioned events; The Water Skier magazine; $10,000 of secondary personal injury insurance when competing in USA Water Ski events; and coupons worth hundreds of dollars in discounts. Specify ‘HYD’ as your sports discipline for USA Water Ski, and you’ll automatically be a member of USHA. We can include the USHA membership at no extra cost thanks to the generous contributions of our sponsors –, and other sponsors listed on the Links page.

What if I don’t plan to attend fly-ins or compete? You can join USA Water Ski as a Supporting Member for less than a full membership and specify ‘HYD’ as your primary choice in the Sports Discipline category to support USHA. The whole family can also join as Supporting Members. Either way, you’ll get one year of the magazine The Water Skier, plus all the other advantages of membership – you just can’t participate in sanctioned events like fly-ins and competitions.

Do you have to be a skier? USHA and USA Water Ski can help support all types of people, from non-skiers to people new to the sport to polished professionals.

Do I have to be a USA Water Ski member to participate in USA Water Ski or USHA events? Yes.

How do I join? Join USA Water Ski and support USHA today by visiting or call 800-533-2972. It takes five minutes of your time. Make sure to choose Hydrofoil as your primary choice in the Sports Discipline category.

How can I find or locate other hydrofoil skiers in my area? Joining an e-mail list or forum to meet hydrofoil skiers in your area and get tips from others skiers across the world. Sign up for the discussion list by visiting or

How do I find out about hydrofoil events? The dates and locations for USA-WS/USHA water ski events, Nationals, and fly-ins can be found on There are several local and non-USHA sponsored events, which you can also find information for through web sites like Team Hydrofoil site.

Where else can I find photos, videos, tutorials, and more information? Links page,, ,, and YouTube (search for “hydrofoil”).