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USHA Display Case Added to Hall of Fame!

Hall Of FameCome one, Come all! The extreme water sport of hydrofoiling draws a diverse group of individuals ranging in age from 2 to 87 and everyone is dedicated to promoting this sport of huge air and stylish tricks. Upon request, many members stepped forward to donate their time, money, and memorabilia to a hydrofoil display case.

At the Water Ski Hall of Fame and Museum in Polk City, Florida, the American Water Ski Educational Foundation (AWSEF) has put together a collection of items from all water sports. In April 2009, the U.S. Hydrofoil Association (USHA) stepped up to create a display case to spotlight their sport and their beginnings.

Inside the case, you will find a treasure chest filled with precious items. Mike Murphy donated a T-shirt with a photo of his mother Mary Murphy, along with a “Catalina Queen” frame including a 4-generation ski photo. Karen von Zabern proudly donated the clickers that her late husband, Bill von Zabern, used in setting the 2009 hydrofoil world record of 3,058 consecutive flips.

An Xtreme hydrofoil rear wing, a beautiful red anodized Sky Ski front hydrofoil wing, CinchMax belt, a digital frame donated by Canyon Lake Hydrofoil club, an autographed Air Chair hat, Bryan Steele’s and Geno Yauchler’s cover on The Water Skier Magazines, Flight Worlds competition medals, USHA Nationals 2008 DVD, Chain Reaction DVD, and athlete jerseys just barely highlight the sport within the display case. The display case itself was donated by Cliff Woodman, and many individuals were quick to contribute monetary donations from around the world.

USHA would like to thank everyone who had a part in creating a representation of hydrofoiling. Carole Lowe and AWSEF were instrumental in the success of this new addition to the Hall of Fame. Yearly, USHA will be updating and adding to the display case, so donations and other memorabilia would be appreciated at any time to highlight other skiers and ambassadors throughout the years.

For more information on the Hall of Fame, visit www.waterskihalloffame.com.

USHA Virtual Hall of Fame

Coming soon, USHA will be posting hydrofoil records for accomplishments through this page.

If you would like to add a record, please send an email to USHA board
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