Fly-in are social events with a chance to meet and to ride with local skiers and Pro hydrofoilers. These events are held in several locations throughout the country.

This section of the site can be used as a checklist for organizing your fly-in or Grassroots event.

Fly-in Manual (Word)


USA-WS also has a great , which can be printed for hand-outs or used to promote Grassroots events. The brochure lists the benefits and information on Grassroots, and you can also get more information


Fly-In Manual


  • Choose somewhere with easy access if possible by car/airport etc [6-12 months prior]
  • Prepare directions to site from logical locations (closest airports etc.) and post these on the website/info sheet [6-12 months prior]
  • List all of the closest airports on the website/info sheet [6-12 months prior]
  • List local car rental information on the website/info sheet [6-12 months prior]
  • Prepare map of waterway (lake/river etc.) showing best places to ski and depths (this will be handed out at registration to all boat drivers/owners) The organizers of the event need to know far in advance that this is a good place for hydrofoiling with regard to water depth, seaweed, floating debris. [the map can be made as late as one week prior to the event as long as it’s a good location]

Lodging Accommodations/Parking

  • Contact local hotels/motels/houseboats, camping options to arrange reduced group/event rates [6-12 months prior]
  • Post contact information for lodging arrangements on website/info sheet [6-12 months prior]
  • List deadline for lodging discounts and number of rooms/places available [6-12 months prior and update with information as available]

USA-WS Sanctioning/Permits

  • Contact USA-WS in advance and fill in forms to have event sanctioned [start minimum 3-6 months prior to event]
  • Request blank USA-WS registration forms
  • Confirm requirements for event – Safety Director, Trained Drivers, Safety Information Postings
  • Ensure paperwork is filled in afterwards and mailed to USA-WS along with registrations for new members and fees collected
  • Contact local authorities/marina/Marine Patrol/City to see if there are any permits required to hold the event in the location
  • Anyone attending an event needs to become an active member of USA Water Ski, either at the Individual Active level or at the Grassroots level. The $35 Grassroots Membership does cover the full fly-in event.
  • Make sure all participants list “Hydrofoil” as the 1st Sports Discipline. By encouraging USA Waterski membership you are helping the United States Hydrofoil Association (USHA) and the sport of hydrofoiling.


  • Confirm boat ramp location/accessibility and safety [6-12 months prior]
  • Moorage arrangements [2-3 months prior]
  • Gas arrangements [2 months prior]
  • Additional insured through USA-WS is required for each boat to be used at the Fly-In. This form is available on the USA-WS website under Club Registration and the boat owner’s insurance must list USA Waterski Association as an “Additional Insured” for the event. Check with your insurance for what, if any costs are associated with this requirement [handle at least 1 month prior to the event with each boat owner bringing their boat to the event]
  • Insurance confirmation for each boat and USA-WS Towboat Liability Insurance paperwork filled out for each boat [make sure paperwork filled out the day of fly-in registration or in advance if at all possible]
  • Numbers for boats (if using for gas fill-up or simply just tracking and sign-up for clinics) [have the week before]
  • Safety equipment for each boat confirmed (Boat check-in) [schedule a boat check for each boat at the fly-in prior to the boat being used for the fly-in]
  • Boat driver meeting [determine when this will be 1 week prior to the event and then be sure to let all boat drivers know the night before or at registration]
  • Boat sign up – each fly-in is different, but for those shy people who aren’t ready to go up and ask to go for a ride, sometimes it helps the first day to send people out by the boatload. Once everyone’s been there for a day, usually people just jump in boat and go skiing [prepare sign up form 1 week prior based upon boats known to be used for fly-in]


  • Request items for raffle [6-12 months prior]
  • Boat sponsor [6-12 months prior]
  • Lodging sponsor [6-12 months prior]
  • Gas sponsor [6-12 months prior]
  • Requests sponsors logos in jpg format for t-shirts & advertising media [3 months prior]


  • Safety Director appointed [[6-12 months prior]
  • Certified Boat Drivers through USA confirmed [[6-12 months prior]
  • Post emergency phone numbers [prepare info 1 week prior]
  • Post location of closest hospital [prepare info 1 week prior]
  • Ensure all USA-WS requirements met for holding a sanctioned event
  • Hold meeting with your Safety Director one week prior to the event to review the requirements and then an additional meeting the day before the event
  • Have Safety Director review the water conditions each day and follow USA Waterski conditions confirming that conditions are okay for skiing


  • Determine if want to offer a meal package [6-12 months prior]
  • Meal tickets or some kind of wristband to show if participant has prepaid for package [purchase 1 month prior]
  • Determine night for Raffle/Awards dinner [3 months prior]
  • Sponsored meal? Sometimes one of the sponsors will arrange to cover the cost of one night’s meal [3 months prior]


  • Posters to advertise event
  • Need all logos from sponsors [6-12 months prior]
    • Graphic design/logo/pictures/logo layout [6 months prior]
    • Distribute to local marinas, marine store, lodging and anywhere potential fly-in participants might be [3 months prior]
  • Website
  • Set up fly-in website and post information on fly-in [6-12 months prior]
  • Information Posted on Hydrofoil Lists [6-12 months prior]
  • Notify Sky Ski & Air Chair to give out information on the fly-in and send out with their shipments [6-12 months prior]


  • Collect all logos of sponsors for t-shirt [6-12 months prior]
  • Decide on design of t-shirt – color/pictures/layout/graphic design [3 months prior]
  • Determine numbers required of each size [2 months prior]
  • Place order for t-shirts [45 days prior]


  • Advance registration deadline established [6-12 months prior]
  • USA-WS/USHA Forms for membership [6-12 months prior]
  • Fly-In registration forms [6-12 months prior]
  • Release, Waiver & Assumption of Risk [6-12 months prior]
  • Minor Release [6-12 months prior]
  • Towboat Liability Insurance for boats used in fly-in [6-12 months prior]
  • Maps of the waterway indicating good riding locations and depths [1 week prior]
  • Waterproof wristbands to identify Fly-In participants [1 month prior]
  • Usually have one color for participants who will be skiing and taking part in everything
  • Have another color for non-skiers
  • T-Shirts to handout organized by size [organize week prior]
  • Meal information and meal tickets or whatever will be used to identify those paying in advance for meals [1 month prior]


  • Collect prizes from sponsors [6-12 months prior]
  • Assemble prize packages (combine shirts w/ stickers etc) [1 week prior]
  • Limit number of raffle items to a certain amount so you aren’t there all night
  • Go from least expensive item to biggest item
  • Appoint an MC to call the numbers [1 month prior]
  • Organize people to sell and then draw the tickets or someone to walk around as the MC’s assistant to have tickets drawn (often can have winner of an item pull the next ticket) [1 day in advance]


  • Usually awards are given for the following: [1 month prior]
    • Best/Worst Crash
    • Best Female Skier
    • Best Male Skier
    • Best Junior Skier
    • Most Improved Skier
    • Farthest Traveled to attend the fly-in
  • These awards can be plaques or anything else deemed appropriate (often have used broken ski parts)
  • Prizes are usually awarded towards the end of the fly-in during one the last evening meals

Ski Show

· Determine who to organize [1 month prior]

· Scout out site and determine best location/date/time for skiing and viewing [first day of fly-in]

· Confirm list of participants [1 day prior]

· Arrange for an announcer [1 month prior]

· Advertise Ski Show to local community as well as ensuring everyone in the fly-in is aware [3 months prior]

· Prepare ‘running order’ [1 day prior]

· Have practice run if time permits [day of show]

· Have a PA system [1 month prior]

· Provide schedule to announcer [day of show]

Clinics/Lessons with Team Riders

  • Confirm Team Riders attending fly-in [3 months prior]
  • Set aside time/boats for clinics [1 month prior]
  • Have sign-up forms for clinics at initial registration [1 month prior]
  • Confirm details with Team Riders/boats etc 24hrs prior to clinics [1 day prior]


  • Arrange photographer/videographer. Does not have to be a professional, just want to ensure that someone is taking footage so that there will be pictures to post on the website afterwards to share [3 months prior]
  • Arrange television to watch each day’s video clips – this is a good way to determine the Best/Worst Crash Award [3 months prior]

Special Guest

  • Sometimes fly-ins feature a special guest [6-12 months prior]


  • Set up a Fly-In bank account or use a bank account where money can be tracked for the fly-in and not confused with other entries [6-12 months prior]
  • Have receipts for everything and issue receipts to everyone for payment so there is a record of transactions [6-12 months prior]