USHA Awards

2010 USA-WS Overall Awards


Eric Vyborny

Eric is a dedicated individual and a positive coach for newbies or any rider wanting to learn a new trick. Eric started riding in Nebraska in 2000, and landed his first flip in 30 days. Eric started the hydrofoil tournaments in Florida with Brad Schmidt, and has taught over 100 people to ride and 30 riders land their first flips.
In 2010, Eric helped out tremendously at the Georgia fly-in and other events as an coach for the hydrofoiling.
Specifically for the GA Flyin, Eric promoted the event in the weeks and months leading up to it, and he helped several ways throughout the event. Eric taught clinics, drove boats, ran shuttles, helped with setup and break-down – truly anything that needs to be done. And Eric does all of this with a smile on his face! We are truly grateful for ALL of Eric’s expertise, coaching and instruction, and his professionalism at GA Fly-in event!
Eric is generous with his time, feedback, resources and knowledge. He continues to work on his abilities and sharing his passion for the sport. When Eric travels to other locations, he takes time to train and ski with hydrofoilers. Eric is a great volunteer coach and instructor. He is a fantastic advocate in the sport of hydrofoiling, as a competitor and co-host for the Spring Fling and Last Fling Competitions.

2010 USHA Awards


Al Lewin

Incredible free ride at the USHA Nationals and tremendous improvement in his overall riding over the last few years. Al Lewin was the only athlete to score the WOW Factor (extra points awarded by judges for a trick) at Nationals. Also this year, he performed at the 2010 Drag Boat races. Al is a great guy, an awesome rider with 5 mobes in his pocket, and a mobe to mobe combo around the corner. He continues to step it up technically and has a great attitude, extreme skills, just overall IMPRESSIVE!!


MJ Pohl

On top of her game – everytime. MJ is attempting BNC’s (Ball and Chain mobes) and unfortunately broke her jaw during a mobe attempt this year. She remains way ahead of all other female foilers and continues to push the envelope against other competitors at her level. MJ has an awesome run at Nationals including landing a Front Flip Floater, 1ST female to land one in competition, with less than perfect water conditions! MJ is a good coach, advocate, judge and athlete in this sport and always encourages younger riders in the sport. MJ is always riding 120% and working behind the scenes 130%.


Hayden Quimby

Hayden is an amazing young rider in the sport of hydrofoiling. He has smooth riding abilities, and has progressed quickly. Hayden took the gold, overall 1st place, at USHA Nationals in the Intermediate division. To top it off, he has a positive attitude and is a good representative for the sport. We can’t wait to see Hayden in the next few years!


Jim Chismar

Jim is a great ambassador and leader in the sport of hydrofoiling. Jim recently went from involved dad, with his daughter Cayce competing, and moved to a competition committee expert and board member and rider himself! Jim submitted his first video competition entry this year in the Novice Division. Honestly, Jim puts in an unbelievable amount of time and does so much for hydrofoiling. Most of Jim’s work is behind the scenes with competitions, judging, USHA board and competition committee, training, and media relations – and Jim does it without much public applause. He does it, because he loves foiling! Thank you!

Alison Goin

Alison is an amazing ambassador for the sport of hydrofoiling. She goes the extra mile to help in everything she does. Along with her husband, Todd Goin, she hosted another successful USHA Nationals in Colorado, in spite of steep obstacles. Alison is a tough competitor always pushing herself to improve her riding and to learn new tricks. She also encourages beginning riders and competitors, and won’t let them give up. Each year, Alison continues to support the events, as a judge, seasoned competitor, event organizer, board member – she does it all. We couldn’t do it without her passion and dedication to our sport.


Southeast Hydrofoil Club

Eric Vyborny and Brad Schmidt have done an amazing job pulling together the Jacksonsville FL tournaments. The Spring Fling and the Last Fling til Spring events are well organized and fun. Members of the Southeast Hydrofoil club are always taking new riders and introducing them to the sport of foiling. They have added many foils to the foiling community for their passion and efforts. The club overall does a lot to promote, to engage, and to grow the competitive side of the sport. The SE Hydrofoil Club has stepped up and taken the initiative to host several events and are now taking on Nationals. Thank you to Eric and Brad, and all of the Southeast Hydrofoil Club members. First rate all the way!


Landon Hill

Landon, just over a year ago, was only riding and jumping as a beginner in the sport of hydrofoiling. He advanced and started with flips – riding away 2 gainers immediately. One year later, he has progressed, riding at least 3 times a week, to learn the following tricks: Gainers (both sides), Rolls (Front, Back and Wake), Spins and Front Flips! Awesome rider, coach, and influence in this sport!


Leah Stilwell

Leah had an impressive performance at the USHA Nationals and she had unbelievable growth of her overall riding in just one year’s time. Leah is the girl who excels at sit-down and stand-up hydrofoil, and she will definitely push women riders to the next level. She has progresses an a great rider to include 360s, back rolls, gainers, front rolls, and more. She is next MJ – a great young rider and ready for next year!


Dan Pohl

Dan is a monster in supporting the USHA events with his photo talents. He shows up at many competitions and many fly-in events, and works from sunrise to sunset. Dan logs a huge number of hours in the boats taking pictures and later preparing photos, videos, and calendars. He also has an endless devotion to helping his wife, MJ, with her skiing. Dan is a truely admired photographer and videographer, and even though he doesn’t ski as much, he continues to teach and to promote the sport through his photos!


Cliff Woodman

Cliff Woodman is a top notch guy, talented skier, website designer, and dedicated boat driver. Cliff has been water skiing for over 31 years. He holds a 100-ton Master Captains License with a Commercial towing endorsement, USA-WS trained driver certification, IDrive boats certification, NASBLA Georgia boating certificate, an OSHA 10 safety certification, CPR and AED, USHA Board Director (2009-2010), and 2 years as general manager of a MasterCraft dealership. Cliff also organized the GA Mountain Fly-In for the past 6 years. This year, Cliff flew to Colorado to drive for USHA Nationals after a snag with the scheduled driver. It does not matter what boat or what situation, Cliff will make the most of it! For 2010, Cliff pulled every rider in every tournament for 2010 and pulled all of the riders in the Jacksonville, Florida tournaments. That’s dedication to the sport. Cliff is absolutely incredible and we want to acknowledge his amazing efforts through the years.