Hydrofoiling History

USHA Awards

Male Athlete of the Year

Geno Yauchler

Award Nominees:  Ben Ferney, Geno Yauchler, Kevin Thayer, Todd Kyser

Female Athlete of the Year

MJ Pohl

Award Nominees:  MJ Pohl, Corinn Davis

Junior of the Year

Dominic Schumacher

Award Nominees:  Dominic Schumacher

Team of the Year

Northwest Air (Edelen)

Award Nominees:  Pro Hydrofoil Tour (John Clemmons), Team Texas (Todd Kyser), Hydrofoil Inc (Scott Honkala) , American Hydrofoil Association (Phil Dixon), Northwest Air (Brett Edelen)

Ambassador of the Year

Brad Scott

Award Nominees:  Brett Edelen, Brad Scott, John Clemmons, Bryan Steele, Lonnie Marchand 

Awards for: 2004