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Introducing: Learn to Hydrofoil – 15 Step Basic Challenge

The Learn to Hydrofoil Basic Skills Challenge takes the collective knowledge of the hydrofoil community and gives it to new riders in an easy to follow, step by step checklist. 12 pages of instructions, photos and detailed tips.

Overview of the 15 steps:
Level 1 The Hydrofoil
Level 2 Deep-Water Start
Level 3 Learning to “Taxi”
Level 4 Learning To Raise The Board
Level 5 Going Outside The Wakes
Level 6 Steering While Flying
Level 7 Learning To Jump
Level 8 Dip & Jump
Level 9 Jump In The Flats (outside the wakes)
Level 10 Jump The Wake
Level 11 Double Wake Jump
Level 12 Grabs & Floaters
Level 13 Dismount Flip
Level 14 Backward Invert In The Flats (outside the wakes)
Level 15 Backward Invert At The Wake


2011 USHA Award Nominations Open!

We have some seriously dedicated individuals and amazing athletes in the sport of hydrofoiling. In the spirit of recognizing those individuals, USHA has opened the member nominations for 10 awards this year!

Award Details!

USHA Award Ceremony details coming soon for January 2012

2011 Video Competition – Submit Your Video!

The US Hydrofoil Association is holding a competition, with entries submitted on video. ONLINE registration must be completed by September 5, 2011. Videos must be uploaded by September 30, 2011. The rides must take place between Feb 1, 2011 and Sept 30, 2011. Are you competiting? Why not?

View the Comp and Prize Money Details!

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Free Event PHOTOS

Air Chair brings you FREE image downloads of 2011 hydrofoil events!!! At the first annual Flatland Fly-In Air Chair stepped up and offered to sponsor free downloads of all events Great Lakes Photography covers in 2011! Enjoy and make sure to show your thanks and support to Air Chair! 2011 Events with free downloads:
– Flatland Fly-In
– USHA Nationals ( July 14-17 )
– Georgia Mountain Fly-In ( August 11-14 )
– Last Fling Till Spring ( October 1-2 )

READ more on Foil Forum

With so much information available, you should check out FoilForum.com. There are several ways once you sign up for a membership. Read posts and trick tips, view pics, ask questions and more!


Simple Foil Forum Site

New World Record

On October 20, Geno Yauchler set a new official world record of 826 flips in a hour on a hydrofoil. The Water Skier and the Water Ski Magazine came out to witness the event, as well as a few other local publications to document everything. Brad Scott, USHA President, volunteered as the official qualifier to make this an official Guinness world record. Video should be available shortly on YouTube and other medias. Read more at and post on FoilForum.com.

Hydrofoiler Featured in Reader’s Digest

Tony Klarich was recently shown in Reader’s Digest riding a hydrofoil. The article is a quick read, but the story behind it is a bit longer! Various members of the hydrofoiling community and USA-WS were involved in order to track down the perfect photo for this article. Tony’s pic was the perfect choice in order to see the face of the rider and the “chair” on the board.

Looking for other featured hydrofoilers? Look at NEW rider bios posted on Hydrofoil.org!

USHA Display Case Added to Hall of Fame!

Several members of the United States Hydrofoiling Association (USHA) recently stepped forward to donate their time, money and memorabilia to a new hydrofoiling display case at the American Water Ski Educational Foundation’s Water Ski Hall of Fame in Polk City, Florida.
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USHA will be accepting ongoing donations towards display case maintenance and “In Memory Of” perpetual plaque through the Paypal donation form.

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